A Letter to the Viewer

Dear reader/viewer,

This concept was created at the pits of hell. Walls were closing in, money was scarce, and the next step was unknown. A Self Help Guide was originally created as a half-hour scripted series, but over 2 years it has formulated into nothing more than a positive thought process. The show was a way for me to escape the confines of my life, but in the end has turned into a lifelong blessing for maintaining happiness. A Self Help Guide strives to bring a sense of belonging, understanding, and acceptance.

Through constructing this puzzle, I have vowed to never apologize for the bat shit crazy that is me and this is the goal for any viewer or reader who may need the depreciation of myself to feel better about themselves. But really, if you could see how much of a mess I look at the computer right now.

A Self Help Guide is a collection of positivity and honest candor for the coming of age individuals who need nothing more than a genuine stamp of approval.

I’m here to officiate that stamp.


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