30 Things To Say “WHO GIVES A SHIT?” To

Here’s 30 things that beckon the phrase:
1. People not liking you.

2. Binge watching Netflix for hours.

3. Eating a whole pint of ice cream to yourself

4. Being single.

5. Talking to yourself. 

6. Your cat (or other pet of love) being your soulmate.

7. Eating Taco Bell… For every meal of the day. 

8. Walking through drive throughs.

9. Making mistakes.

10. Drinking. From the bottle. 

11. Chickening out of something.

12. Nothing going as planned.

13. Not living up to expectations. 

14. Picking your nose wherever you want. 

15. Taking too many selfies.

16. Looking like a trash receptacle. 

17. Dying your hair the color of a trash receptacle. 

18. Farting.   

19. Pairing a cold hot dog with spaghettios.

20. Splurging for the good of your soul. 

21. Eating a cupcake in the entirely wrong way. 

22. Dancing wherever and whenever.

23. Singing Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” wherever and whenever. 

24. Wearing mismatched socks. 

25. Having a mismatched love life. 

26. Being addicted to “Wife Swap” and/or any other reality TV programming. 

27. Not having as much as another person

28. Having more than another person. 

29. Having the last say. 

30. Opinions/ judgements from others.


It’s just the most blatant form of sanity upkeep.




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