The Thing I Find LACKING In The Gay Community

I find there to be a significant amount of free spirited, open individuals missing in the gay community. Keep in mind that this is from my experience, and if you disagree then I am eternally confused by your existence.

But really, cmon now! In all seriousness, and I know I’m not the first to write about this, but when did we get so stuck in our damn ways? Tops/ bottoms/ sideways/ upside downs- can I just find the group of gays at the party who dance like fools and maybe carry starlight mints in their clutches? Or perhaps listen to music that isn’t from this time? Or perhaps reach farther out of the boundaries in which most others would expect them to lie in?

I realize it’s unfair to put this observation on only the gays. Actually, I think this problem spans across many humans! But gays are so stereotyped already, I just feel we should stop making it worse! And if you’re a straight person who found your way here, then you listen up too, dammit! 

There’s no law that says you have to do this (play BeyoncĂ© on repeat) or that (define your sexual role), but there should be a law which requires you to just breathe! Take in all that is around you, smile, do nice things for others, and not get caught up in how many Grindr or Tinder messages you have. 

It’s just as simple as being. Living. Letting life be the thing that happens in between you experiencing the joys of the sun in the morning and your friends and family in the evening. Or for the gays, maybe something entirely different. I don’t judge. Unless you’re not being safe. 

Ya feel me? Focus on the now. Throw your self-identity out the window for a minute and see what it’s like. You may find something to add to that identity when you come back around. 

That’s all for now! 

-Evan Reed

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