To Be Actually “On Point” Means:

If you were to place yourself on the following lines, where would you deem most fitting?

image image image image image


Did you mostly place yourself in the middle? One side? Or happy mix of the two?

What if you were to place yourself above the line?

What kind of freedom would that give? Being able to fall onto the line in a moments notice without worrying about whether or not the placement is “fitting”. Knowing that you fell where you fell, and rolling with that.

As humans, we’re naturally eager to please. I mean why else would you even toy with placing yourself on a series of imaginary damn lines in the first place? Our eagerness to please simply goes too far when we start compromising our sanity! Giving our vultures, demons, monsters, and fuck feeders too much food for thought!

We want to avoid stagnancy, and rightfully we should by allowing ourselves to be absolutely fluid. Erasing our need for answers erases our incomprehensible need to upkeep our fears, doubts, and anxiety.


Embrace the act of falling into the perfect place.




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