Big Ball Get Me

Last night, after finally plopping into my warm, comfy ass bed, I looked up out my window to see this enormous ball of light shining down on me. A full moon! To try to describe the instantaneous peace that washed over me would almost certainly be a blatant understatement. As a smile eased over my face, from ear to ear, I grinned at the moon with a transfixation and then began to audibly laugh at its’ immense power. I thought of how that big ball up there moves oceans, shifts the waves, and has also managed to divinely capture and shower me with a wave of utter peace and joy. It gets me. It has me in its’ grip.

Within this state of marvel I also began to think about how many other people in the world might be looking up at this same moon. People I love, people I have yet to love, and people who may have just fallen in love under this beautiful sphere of energy. 

With all this beauty showered over me, I slept peaceful as fu%k. I yearned for others to have the same peace that I was experiencing and I vowed to record this experience for those times when nothing in life seems to be aligned. 

We are all so small and so big in every way possible — for this is the beautiful, perfect balance of the world.


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