TRUMP: A Catalyst For Violence, Hate and Fear

“I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will…” -Donald J. Trump

One thing seems certain amongst Trump himself and the thousands of people who flock to hear his words: violence is an answer should it be deemed justifiable. There are many violent instances floating around Donald Trump to prove that this is a stance in which the fearful will flock to take in a moments notice. There is one video in particular which grabs my attention due to the harsh nature of fearful white people attacking a black man to the ground for his stance in black lives matter. WATCH HERE:

I find this video hauntingly surreal. As the violent crowd takes one man down and security fails to end the altercation, Trump’s voice booms over the loud speaker saying, “Get him the hell out of here.”, and all this, to me, rings back to a time of fascist regime. To a time when fear was our biggest enemy.

But this isn’t the only instance of violence in one of Trump’s rallies. After Trump made comments about putting an end to food stamps, one man shouted back at Trump calling him greedy and was promptly escorted out. While being escorted out, Trump made sure he had the last word on the man’s weight. The video below is the man’s account of this altercation. WATCH HERE:

The man later regarded the incident as a way to learn more about the people whom Trump is attracting. In particular, he mentions four guys behind him who were throwing racial slurs at an Indian teenager who was in their row. He notes the men were calling the teen ISIS, and then mentions security stepping up to the teen and intimidating him. But perhaps the most astonishing account comes from this man’s recounting of certain crowd members saying things such as,

“…Kill all Muslims”

“…I wish I had my piece on me, dude I want to shoot someone so bad.”

The man later goes on to say that,

“The thing that Trump is good at is getting otherwise rational people to clamp down harder on their fears and prejudices.” 

And that is what wraps up my entire point: Trump is standing at the top of these people and promising a great America. Trump finds his glory in a mostly older, middle America audience, and is constantly saying things like, “…in the good old days that would never happen.” Trump’s agenda seems to be yearning to bring America back in time. Specifically, bring America back to a time when violence was more widespread and glazed over among citizens and police force.

Progression has no place in the Trump campaign. Instead violence, hate and fear take a front seat under the false pretense to, “Make America Great Again.”

For a full, compiled list of Trump’s violent history throughout his campaign, CLICK HERE to visit the article posted on



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