Bathroom Equality: The Internet Speaks!

In an effort to make America a more equal and more happy place to live, we are now pressing more equality issues that need to be pressed. Specifically, the use of restrooms for transgender individuals. Should they be required to use the restroom of their birth gender? Or should they be allowed to use the restroom which corresponds with their gender identity?

As a male, I would be more ‘shocked’ to see a transgender female in the restroom standing at a urinal, because that’s just double take worthy! Hesitatingly, I ventured into the comments of some articles that broach this subject. The first article (read here) I read was centered around North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the bill that he passed which states that citizens must use the restroom which corresponds to the gender listed on their birth certificate. Notable comments listed below.


I love an old man with a poetic, sentimental heart. Look at that face! He makes the world a happier place and should be Grandpa to everyone.


Thank you, James! This is exactly what I’m saying. We are actually inducing more shock and confusion then if we just let these individuals live within their willful gender identity.

The Huffington Post offered no hate! Awesome! Now, let’s move on to Target.

This article for USA Today (read here) unsurprisingly contained comments which varied more in terms of opinion. Target is a large corporation and they are not backing down on their stance for transgender support. Notable comments listed below.


Alright, Terri! A good point raised! This is a time to go and relish in the fact of not having to be around bigot shoppers! Hurry to your local, newly de-bigoted Target!


People are really good at utilizing their free time. Thanks, Jacob! Shoot for the stars!


Aw, c’mon Ed! We were just starting to have a good time! Ironically (and perhaps scarily) enough, Ed is a professor at a well-known college. When you think your life is in the shitter, it’s important to remember… You could be an Ed. And nobody wants that. #dontbeaned




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