When You Want To Sell Yourself Short, Read This.

You’re tired, so you’re going to lay there and look at yourself.
This look may be hard, abrasive against a soft shell, but let the shell be.
The shell will likely tear. Let it tear ever so gently.
Notice the tear and let it signify something if need be.
If you’re cracking open at the seams, then let yourself erupt.

Let yourself gush and scream into the streams that lead to one.
Let yourself be reminded when it’s you against one and you against all.
Let those two battles coincide to a pulp.
Let the glorious fight evaporate into a distant song.
Sing the song loud if you’d just like to know.
Sing the song soft if just for the fancy melody of now.

Scuffle, stomp, and note the distinct smiles which will linger on through your day like a distant friend.
Have a glimmer of glow every time someone makes you feel warm.
Be warm when joy is present, but watch warmth when it starts to water your eyes.
Taunt your eyes and dare them to stare into others.
Allow a traffic stop of feel to translate into a vibrant reminder of inner light.
Challenge incessant thought to permeate this light. 

Guide the light to be the mother of your what if’s and need Be’s.

Give when you can take, give you can give.
When they say live, let live, but don’t forget to breathe.
Let breath be stolen, let breath be free.
See wisdom and let it tell you when you’re wrong.
Have a chuckle when you’re wrong, have a chuckle when you’re right.
Tread light in flight, but never be slight.
Milk what makes you feel and relish when your ebb and flow remains real slow.

Speed and sound can test and triumph, but notice when it comes to a halt.
A ball of energy can spin for cycles and cycles, but does not speak until spoken to.
In this way, you must speak language that sprints to the purpose.
Run to the scene.
Try to flaunt, not flounder, for flounder is the sin of all tomorrow’s.

Mirror’s image is mirror’s image until it’s up for sale.
Selling can be telling when there’s none left to sort;
but love and keep loving so as not to sell yourself short.




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