Dear Gays: Let Us Not Foster Another Omar Mateen

Alright, let’s cut the shit right off the bat. This is a lot of things, but here is what the following words are not:

  1. An imposition of “hetero-normative” values or ideas. Drop that.
  2. An insecure broadcast of internalized homophobia. Drop that.
  3. A shaming or intolerance of behavior. Drop that.

The words written here are to, quite simply, put our money where our mouth is.
The words written here are to discourage exclusivity and superiority.
The words written here are an outcry to prevent fostering another Omar Mateen.

“Oh Evan, that is so dramatic. That man had so many issues that could have never been thwarted or avoided.” OK, but…
If love (always) wins then we should stop treating our love as a prize to be received.

If we are going to call ourselves a community, then we must stand up and act as one. LGBTTQQIIAA is a lot of fuckin’ letters and those letters cover all of our brothers, sisters, and fellow human beings around the globe. Our omnipotence of love can stretch to every corner of this acronym if we stop acting like we are special. A vigilant family will love and accept all their members (even that weird, drugged out cousin who thinks he can time travel through his taco).

We are long overdue in putting a stop to this boy’s club mentality. Sex, money, style, and social class cannot make up for the lives of 49 family members who were lost, 53 family members who were injured, and an entire globe that has been shaken to its’ core. None of us are enough. None of us will ever be enough if we cannot ignite bravery to look into each other’s eyes and try to understand the unity of what we are all hopelessly roaming this Earth for.

It’s time that we truly start looking out for each other. On Grindr, on Scruff, on Tinder or in person makes no difference. The cold, hard fact of anyone’s journey is that we all want to feel included. We all want love to win, and that ideal can only be championed through acknowledging that we are all here for the greater good of moving the world forward. When we exclude, when we judge, and when we ignore the spectrum of who we are: that’s when we foster, and yes, endorse damaged humans like Omar Mateen.

Wake up. Know. Love. Repeat.



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