Painting You Cold

How lonely do you feel?

How much loneliness do you create for yourself?

How do you support and combat the idea of self reliance?

I’m asking myself these questions as we head towards colder months.

When you have to live and die with yourself,

when you have to face that reality,

what instincts do you have?

Is your first thought about a stranger you haven’t met?

Or is the first thought about you and all the lovely things you have yet to put in front of yourself?

The things that aren’t named Mary, Dick, or Jane?

There is purpose and there is goal.

Your mission impossible is to combine and make possible the one step,

the one foot in front of the other.

Maybe a stumble leads to a stub,

leads to a collapse,

and finally leads to the answer which was in your face the whole time.

Maybe the whole time your answer wasn’t your solution.

However you detect the connection for self assurance,

I challenge you to force the through line between you and your surroundings.

Paint your reality in such a way that the you is reflected,

and the you becomes undeniably noticeable when people look into the specks of your eyes.

Find ways to increase your detail.

Embolden your craze.

Heat the cold and-

Widen your stance.

You’re curious.

And that’s always enough.


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