Upholding The Rabbit Hole

You see,

you see yourself.

A breath.

A crack.

A smile.

Smiles seep you…

Down the rabbit hole.

You forgot to wish your Grandma a Happy Birthday.


Fuck is your favorite word.

Favorite thing.

Favorite pastime.

Now time.

Shame time.

Then time.

If you were to pass yourself standing on the side of the highway,

where would you begin?

It’s you.

You know it’s you.

Looking up.

But where do you begin?

If you start here:


Your body dysmorphia,

Your body exploits,

Your body…

Always wins.

Treat it that way.

Focus becomes your fragment to reconsider.

Reconsider it.

Time to cherish encodes itself.

Decode it.

Circle of light widens.

Bigger with each exhale.

Exhausted out of the rabbit hole into


Laying on the freshly perspired grass,

You find the soft grace,

The incidental silk,

And the smooth ride towards



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